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Why We Do It


We all know there are hundreds of companies and even more products to choose from in the areas life insurance, annuities, disability, long term care and 401k Plans and Platforms. We also know to be an expert with a professional knowledge and expertise in every company and every product is just not possible. So when one faces such a daunting problem, one simply throws up his or her hands and say why bother. But what if you could find a Partner that knew only the best companies and was an expert at understanding the various nuisances that makes one or two products compatible with your client’s needs. They could help you through the process by narrowing the choices so you would decide what product would be best for your client. They would complete the entire process as your partner from start to finish.

Why does Foundation Insurance Solutions do this? We do it to empower you with a sense or feeling that you were in control and confident that the end product you presented to your client would provide the solution to a problem and ultimately showed to your client, that you were a professional that took care of a need, took care of your client.

At Foundation, our associates are that partner with you in mind. We know that by partnering with you, we can help you Grow your practice, make it more Profitable and help you ultimately, Retain your valued clients. All because you picked up the phone to make a call.